Question: Where Does Teak Wood Come From?

Answer: Teak wood comes from the beautiful teak trees of the rainforests of Asia. Because the trees have to survive through such a wet, tropical climate, teak has natural water-resistant and termite-resistant properties. This makes teak the perfect wood for use in boats, outside construction, and of course, furniture! Teak is becoming very high in demand, and as such, teak trees are being grown on large plantations. We are proud to say that we support sustainable teak tree plantations, and offer a wide selection of eco-friendly teak furniture!

Question: What Are the Benefits of Teak Wood?

Answer: There are many benefits to constructing furniture with teak wood! To name a few, teak is...

Durable: Teak is a tropical hardwood, known for being dense and durable. Originating in the rainforests of Asia, teak wood is naturally water-resistant, termite-resistant, and rot-resistant. Teak wood contains a chemical called silica, which makes teak one of the hardest, most durable woods around!

Water-resistant: Because teak comes from the tropics, teak wood contains natural properties that make it water-resistant. This means that teak can get wet, and you never have to worry about it rotting or becoming warped! Of course, this makes it the perfect wood to use for shower seats -- we can't get enough of it!

Versatile: Being naturally water-resistant and naturally durable, teak wood is also naturally-versatile! With it's beautiful, rich color and texture, teak makes a beautiful addition to any space. And because it won't get ruined by moisture, it can be used both inside the home, or out in the garden or by the pool! That's why in addition to shower benches, we offer teak seating and teak storage for any part of your home, inside or out.

Question: Why Shower Benches?

Answer: Why not? Shower benches are a great addition to any bathroom. Some people need shower seats due to medical conditions or physical needs. Many people opt for a shower seat as they get older to prevent slipping. Shower benches offer safety and functionality in the shower. Shower benches are also great for adding some style to your bathroom! Teak shower benches allow you to make your bathroom your haven. These seats are not only very comfortable, but they add beauty and serenity to your space. You can even use them to organize your shower tools. We have many shower benches and stools with built-in shelves for extra storage. And with our wide selection, you are guaranteed to find the perfect teak shower seat to fit your needs.

Question: Does My Teak Shower Bench Only Sell Shower Benches?

Answer: No! Teak is simply too fabulous and versatile to restrict to the bathroom alone. While we do specialize in shower seating, all of our benches and stools would go great in any room of the house! Artistically designed, these seats add a classic elegance to any space. We also offer an array of teak stands for storage in any part of the home. We even offer a selection of teak corner shower benches and stands so you can enjoy teak furniture even in the tightest of spaces. And since teak is so durable, water-resistant and versatile, it can be used outside as well! Add some extra seating in your garden or put a robe/towel rack by your pool or hot tub to hang your towels or robes while you take a dip. No matter what your seating or storage needs, our selection of teak furniture will not leave you wanting.

Question: Are Teak Wood Shower Benches One-Size-Fits-All? What Are My Choices?

Answer: At My Teak Shower Bench, we know that everyone has different shower bench needs. That's why we offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. From 18 to 36 inches wide, we have stools and benches to fit any space. We even have teak benches and stands that are designed to tuck into the corner of any shower or room. Every individual is unique, with unique needs, tastes and desires. We keep this in mind when adding new products to our line. We want to make sure that every piece is unique -- just like you!

Question: What Are the Differences in Plantation and Burmese Teak?

Answer: If the bench you are interested in gives you the option to choose "Plantation" or "Burmese" teak, these are the different color options available. The color options cover a range of shades and grain variations that naturally occur in teak wood. Unfortunately we are not able to choose one specific swatch, but your bench will include a natural variety of the shade range for each color option.