Create the Ultimate Zen Bathroom

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 4/15/2016


Literally translated from Japanese, zen means meditation, the practice of deep thinking in silence as a method of relaxation. And shouldn't your bathroom be a place of serenity and peace? Can you imagine yourself lying in a tub of warm water, sipping wine, and resting? That's my kind of paradise. No matter what your financial situation, you can recreate your bathroom for the ultimate zen experience.

counterZen is about simplicity, fluidity, and nature. In order to achieve simplicity, you need to declutter and keep the space clean. Buy clear glass containers to store your shampoo, conditioner, and other shower essentials in. You can also buy containers that match the color or texture of your shower tile, so they will disappear into the background. If you use back scrubbers in the shower, make sure to use neutral colors and wood handles to add an organic touch.

If you have the opportunity to remodel your bathroom, choose a large vanity with plenty of storage space. Stone countertops with copper fixtures create a back-to-basics vibe. Use space savers and organizers to keep your bathroom products neat and organized in the storage space. Rush or woven reed boxes can be used to store items without detracting from the simple, meditative vibe. You should only store items that are absolutely essential to your everyday routines. Disposing of unused items will help you on your zen journey. Most importantly, your counter should be free of any kind of bathroom product - no toothbrushes, deodorant, etc. Remember, less is more.

I've mentioned using some organic materials to store and decorate with. Add a simple flower arrangement to your counter or a standing plant next to the shower. These elements bring the room to life and increase the flow of oxygen throughout the room, allowing you to breathe deeper as you relax. Other organic items that would look beautiful in a zen bathroom are a woven rug and a teak wood bench or mat. Just make sure you don't go overboard in decorating. Stick with one to three teak wood products, any more than that will detract from the minimalist style.

bathroomOne of the many things I'd like to do in my own bathroom is increase the natural light. Warm, natural light creates the sensation of being in nature. If you're uncomfortable having a large, unfrosted window in your bathroom, consider adding a skylight. A skylight will help you save on energy costs and you'll get to enjoy the beautiful, natural light. Avoid harsh, fluorescent lighting.

The colors you choose can make or break the overall zen-ness. Choose a combination of blues, greens, reds, and yellows. Blue adds positive energy to the room, while yellow promotes thoughtful reflection. If you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider decorating with green as it can make the room look more spacious. It is often associated with vigor, harmony, and youth. Hints of red can create a calming effect, but too much red can be overly bold and harsh. Using nature-inspired tones or a wood accent wall will also create a calm atmosphere.

large tubIf you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are a couple of additional things you can do to create the ultimate zen space. A large, free-standing bathtub will remind you of a relaxing spa day and encourage you to take a break in your busy schedule. You should also create a separate space for your toilet so that it is out of sight and mind as you soak up the suds in your luxury tub.

You don't have to do a total bathroom remodel to create a zen space. Simplifying is the key - declutter and keep it clean. Redecorating and repainting are easy, inexpensive ways to create a relaxing space to unwind. Don't let money or space stop you from creating the zen retreat you deserve.