All About Teak

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 5/24/2016

When decorating an outdoor area, there is more to consider than when furnishing the living areas of your house. Few materials can withstand adverse conditions such as prolonged sunlight, unexpected rain, inches of snow, pelting hail, corrosive tree sap, nesting insects, and swift winds. You will not want to choose furniture that could be ruined the first time you forget to bring it in.

Create the Ultimate Zen Bathroom

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 4/15/2016

Literally translated from Japanese, zen means meditation, the practice of deep thinking in silence as a method of relaxation. And shouldn't your bathroom be a place of serenity and peace? Can you imagine yourself lying in a tub of warm water, sipping wine, and resting? That's my kind of paradise. No matter what your financial situation, you can recreate your bathroom for the ultimate zen experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting up your Personal Sauna and Spa [Infographic]

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 3/23/2016

Are you looking for a fun way to relax at home?

Maybe you're trying to lose weight or improve your cardiovascular health.

Or perhaps you just need a space to unwind with friends and family.

Create a paradise in your home by building a sauna and setting up a hot tub spa!

A DIY sauna? In my home?

That's right!

You can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a spa and sauna in the privacy of your own home.

Check out this infographic to get started!

A Guide to Teak Wood: DIY and Continual Care

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 2/4/2016

Teak wood comes from tectona trees grown in Southeast Asia, primarily Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Sometimes other woods, such as cumaru, grown in Brazil, are sold as teak for cheaper prices. Don't be fooled.

Teak is one of the world's most durable woods; it is close grained hardwood making it great for carving and long-lasting furniture. The heartwood of tectona trees has a special resin that makes the wood very water-resistant, so outdoor furniture and bathroom furniture is often made with teak. Many boats are also made with teak.

Best Shower Practices for Healthy Hair & Skin [Infographic]

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 1/12/2016

Have you ever thought about the way you shower, how often you shower, and how long you shower? It may have not been something that concerned you in the past but by checking out this infographic on the best ways to shower, you will learn that some habits are just downright bad for you, while others may be extremely beneficial to you. Ditch the not so good habits and get that healthy hair and skin you really want!

Bathroom Arguments: What Science Has to Say [Infographic]

Posted by My Teak Shower Bench on 12/22/2015

You know that argument that you keep having with your spouse about the toilet seat? Did you know that there is a mathematical formula that determines whether the toilet seat should be left up or down? (Sorry ladies the answer isn't always down, but it should be.) The bathroom arguments don't end there - we like to argue about the shower curtain, brushing our teeth, the toilet paper, and the time we like to shower. Seriously, we can just not agree. But things are about to get real people because for most of these arguments, there is a "right way."

How? Science. That's how.