36" L x 16" D ADA Compliant Shower Teak Bench
36' L x 16' D ADA Compliant Shower Teak Bench

36" L x 16" D ADA Compliant Shower Teak Bench

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Extra-large, this amazing 36" L x 16" D ADA Compliant Shower Teak Bench is made right here in the USA and is designed to hold up to three hundred pounds when properly installed on wall backing. The seat is framed in heavy duty stainless steel and the teak seat features 3/8-inch-wide battens. Proper installation means this seat should be mounted between seventeen and nineteen inches high, depending on your particular needs. From health spas to rehab centers, to high end resorts, you'll find teak shower benches are the upscale standard. Teak is naturally slip resistant and bacteria and mildew resistant. The teak wood adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any bathroom and a spa like luxury to your shower. This handy seat can fold up when it's not in use, giving you full use of all your shower space when you need it. The large size makes very stable and comfortable seating for people who have health issues and need that extra sense of security. Having a seat in your shower can provide a sense of independence for people who are dealing with health issues that normally would not allow them to shower on their own. Because teak is so popular with designers today, you'll find these stunning and practical teak benches in upscale bathrooms everywhere. If you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your shower, you don't need to remodel your whole bathroom, just install this attractive bench and you'll feel like you're going to your favorite spa every time you step inside.

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