32" L x 14" W Shower Teak Mat Unfinished
32' L x 14' W Shower Teak Mat Unfinished

32" L x 14" W Shower Teak Mat Unfinished

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Design is everything when it comes to your bathroom upgrades. Design is also incredibly important to My Teak Shower Bench when presenting their products. That is why they make all of their products in the USA and ensure that each product is individually handcrafted. My Teak Shower Bench wants to offer you the teak bath mat at a size measuring 32" x 14" because they know style and size is important when choosing an upgrade for your bathroom. This teak bath mat stands strong at 1 ᆲ" high and each batten on the teak mat is 1 3/8" wide by ᆱ" thick quality teak wood. This teak bath mat from My Teak Shower Bench is great for lasting comfort inside of your shower or relieving stress when you get out of the shower by placing your teak shower mat just outside of your shower. But the teak bath mat isn't just perfect for your bathroom. The teak bath mat can be used inside of your garden to hold pots steadily in place or a designated mat to put your tools on! No matter where you end up putting your Teak Bath Mat from My Teak Shower Bench, you will find that this mat adds style and quality to any surrounding. When purchasing, choose from Burmese or Plantation teak wood, you also get the choice of oiled or natural finish. No matter what option you choose, your teak bath mat will come out looking great and you'll be happy you found luxury from My Teak Shower Bench. Order today and see what a modern teak bath mat can do for your home!

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