30" L x 22-1/2" D ADA Compliant Left Hand Wall-Mount Teak Bench
30' L x 22-1/2' D ADA Compliant Left Hand Wall-Mount Teak Bench

30" L x 22-1/2" D ADA Compliant Left Hand Wall-Mount Teak Bench

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Are you looking to give someone you love the gift of independence? Do you want them to be able to do something as simple as take a shower on their own? Look no further, you have found not only a functional shower seat but a stylish one as well. The 30" L x 22 1/2" D ADA Compliant Left Hand Wall Mount Teak Bench can be installed easily and can help give someone that added security in the shower. This bench can be made out of Burmese or Plantation Teak wood, and has rounded edges for safety and comfort. These handcrafted benches are designed with a weight capacity of three hundred pounds when installed correctly into the wall backing. The seat battens measure one and three eighths inches wide, and the seat itself is designed to fold up and be out of the way until it is needed, so others can use the shower without the seat if needed. Our Teak Bench is also made with heavy duty stainless steel frames and mounting brackets for a secure feel. To determine if a left handed bench is right for you act as if you are sitting on the bench, the extended portion of the bench should be on your left and feel comfortable. It is recommended that installing your teak bench to a height of seventeen to nineteen inches is best to allow a person to be able to sit and stand from the bench comfortably.

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