30" L x 12-1/2" D Wall-Mount Fold Shower Teak Bench
30' L x 12-1/2' D Wall-Mount Fold Shower Teak Bench

30" L x 12-1/2" D Wall-Mount Fold Shower Teak Bench

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Upgrading our bathroom shouldn't be a hassle or a task that leaves you broke. Purchase a beautiful teak shower bench from My Teak Shower Bench and see what a difference a simple adjustment can make in your shower or bathroom! With a 30"x12 ᆱ" size, you get to experience the look of luxury and the comfort of real wood in your shower! This handcrafted and made in the USA teak bench not only offers you the best solution for improving your shower but you also get multiple options when purchasing your own teak shower bench! Choose between Burmese or Plantation teak when ordering and receive your handcrafted teak shower bench before you know it! Don't worry about if you have room in your shower or bathroom because this 30"x 2 ᆱ" shower bench folds down when not in use! The stainless steel mounting brackets make installation easy and when properly installed, your teak shower bench holds up to 300 lbs. My Teak Shower Bench is proud to offer you a product that will last a long time and give you hours of enjoyment in your shower. Similar products are sold at a much higher price point and aren't built in the USA! My Teak Shower Bench wants you to enjoy this professionally made 30"x 2 ᆱ" teak shower bench for years to come, that's why they are offering one of their more popular benches at a price everyone can afford. You've been talking about improving your bathroom for a while now, why not do it with a My Teak Shower Bench handcrafted shower bench?

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