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34" L x 22-1/2" D ADA Compliant Right Hand Wall-Mount Teak Bench

34" L x 22-1/2" D ADA Compliant Right Hand Wall-Mount Teak Bench

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When you want a shower seat that's taken all of your needs into account, including your need for beautiful esthetics, then it's time to move up to our 34" L x 22 1/2" D ADA Compliant Right Hand Wall Mount Teak Bench. This gorgeous unit has all of the safety and security you'd find at your favorite gym, with all the great looks that you'd find at your favorite upscale spa or resort. This unit is made right here in the USA and is hand crafted by experienced people who want to make sure you are getting the highest quality seat that will exactly suit your needs. Both the frame and mounting assemblies are made from heavy duty stainless steel. The seat itself is made from your choice of either Burmese or Plantation 1 and 3/8 inch teak battens that have rounded edges and have all been hand sanded to the perfect smooth finish, which is still slip resistant. Teak is so popular not only in upscale home showers, but also in industrial setting showers, like spas and gyms, because it is naturally mildew and bacteria resistant. This unit will fold up and out of your way when it's not in use. Both the shape of this gorgeous teak bench, and its ability to fold up and out of the way, makes access and egress of the shower and use of the bench that much easier when you're trying to work around other mobility devices you may also need to use.

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