25" L x 18" W Shower Teak Mat Unfinished With Rounded Corners
25' L x 18' W Shower Teak Mat Unfinished With Rounded Corners

25" L x 18" W Shower Teak Mat Unfinished With Rounded Corners

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Add some style and comfort to your bathroom with this handcrafted and made in the USA Teak Mat for your shower! My Teak Shower Bench expertly crafted this shower mat to be comfortable and affordable. With rounded corners for added comfort and safety, the teak shower mat measures in at 25"x18" and can fit in most acrylic bathtubs. This slated mat was built to have easy water flow and comfort for when you use it and the rounded edges give your bathroom a softer look that will have guests wanting to know where you got your style from! But the Teak Mat from My Teak Shower Bench doesn't just improve your bathroom look! You can put your teak mat practically anywhere you want to show off your style! Perfect for an office entrance or exit or even place it right inside of your garden for a rustic look! The teak mat from My Teak Shower Bench was designed to last indoors or outdoors so stop browsing big box stores and get the deal-of-the-day from My Teak Shower Bench. You have the option to design your teak mat using Burmese or Plantation teak wood and you get the additional option to add a natural finish or oiled finish to your mat. My Teak Shower Bench offers their products at an affordable price, because they know that luxury shouldn't have to break the bank. They also know that customer satisfaction comes first, that's why this Teak Mat was individually crafted with the customer in mind. Purchase your Teak Mat today and see what a little addition of style does to any environment!

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